Current Career Openings

Here are the current openings we're hiring for. These include positions at both our Craig Tayor Equipment and Peterbilt of Alaska locations.

Parts Counter
Peterbilt of Alaska - Anchorage
Parts Counter
Peterbilt of Alaska - Fairbanks
Journeyman Technician
Peterbilt of Alaska - Anchorage
Equipment Service Technician
Craig Taylor Equipment - Fairbanks
Equipment Service Technician
Craig Taylor Equipment - Anchorage
Service Writer
Peterbilt of Alaska - Anchorage

The Craig Taylor Equipment Family

"When I was hired to work for Craig Taylor Equipment Co in 2017, six years ago, as their Financial Controller the company only had four stores in Alaska and approximately 55 employees. The family feeling was definitely what I was looking for in my career path, with new software and leading-edge outlook. In the past couple years, they have added two more stores selling Peterbilt trucks and parts with over 120 employees working all over the state. They have not changed their approach to their employees, family life balance or their growth potential and outlook of leading-edge technology. Working for Craig Taylor Equipment Co has been a wonderful experience and I look forward to continuing the relationship in the future."


"Five years ago, I found myself looking for a job that would pay my bills and wasn’t in danger of going under, but I found so much more. Of the many things that I appreciate about working for Craig Taylor Equipment, I think the way they show how they value employees is what separates them from other businesses. From the focus on engagement (GGOB) to stores’ monthly food allowances, it’s easy to see how they make employees a priority. I feel I’m investing my time, knowledge, and experience in a company that’s investing in me. Here’s a few of the reasons why: Great work environment and teamwork, Corporate sponsorship of local events and the community, Flexibility, Goal oriented leadership, Fair pay, Quality benefits, Opportunity to learn and grow, Management that actually listens and implements my ideas. It’s safe to say I’m here for the long haul. It’s only going to get better!"


"I thoroughly enjoy working for Craig Taylor Equipment and for multiple reasons. I didn't understand the terminology "work family" until I began my employment for this great company. Everyone genuinely comes together as a team working for a common goal; as the company grows so does the employees. Upper management is "down to earth", respectful and considered as family too. Competitive wages, benefits and foremost the atmosphere is to why I enjoy working for Craig Taylor Equipment"


"I have been with Peterbilt for over 5 years, and with Craig Taylor for over 2 of those years as they took ownership. I have never felt so appreciated and valued by a company in all my years of employment. When the CEO knows all your kids’ names and asks genuinely about how everything is aside from work, it really creates a level of care that is hard to get sometimes. I feel challenged and needed daily. I have a great supervisor that allows me to explore my own way of working through tasks and obstacles, while also checking in often to make sure I have what I need. The understanding and flexibility of all management is outstanding. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a final place to land in their career, where you know you can grow and excel!"


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